What makes our bags special


Where possible, we reuse cottons as often as we can. All of our denim bags have been upcycled from jeans that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Even smaller pieces of fabrics are put to good use as embellishments on many of our bags, so that nothing goes to waste.

Denim and vintage fabrics reimagined.


We only use strong quality fabric to make each bag.

With firmly attached handles and a main compartment specially constructed for strength, this is an everyday bag that will last for many years.

Making quality products that last is important to us.


We order our cottons from UK based companies That means there is less distance to travel, with fewer emissions from shipping, resulting in reduced environmental impact.

We are also helping to support UK businesses by ordering directly from them, when materials are required, and reusing vintage fabrics from locally sourced suppliers.


Each bag is handcrafted individually right here in the UK. There is no industrial process involved in the making of our bags.

Individually made, using upcycled fabrics. Cottons reimagined into bags that are as useful as they are beautiful.


We don’t use unnecessary packaging when we post our bags. We use recycled mailers that are sized for the product.

When you receive your bag you can simply put the packaging into your recycling to be used again.

No hassle for you, and no new plastics for the environment.