We create thoughtfully made, quality bags that will be a pleasure to use over and over again. Great care and skill goes into making each and every one of our bags. Our bags really are something special.

All our Strong Cotton Bags are hand crafted from 100% cotton fabric. Our crossbody bags and totes are environmentally friendly and are made from a wide variety of cotton prints and vintage denim. Our bags are made to high standards and as a result make fantastic bags for everyday use.

The owner of Strong Cotton Bags, Ann Jackson, uses skill and experience to design and individually craft each bag. The end result is that you get a bag that is not only incredibly strong and lasting, but you also get a great looking bag that is a joy to use everyday.

Giving a new lease of life to vintage fabrics, including well-worn jeans – which would otherwise end up in landfill – brings together two things that Ann is passionate about – the environment and working with fabric to create something that is as useful as it is beautiful.